'Lashes by S.P.H' Launched in Style

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Several women in business supported by their male counterparts converged in
Mt Pleasant last Saturday for the official launch of the "Lashes by S.P.H"
brand at a colourful ceremony. The main aim was to officially launch S.P.H
individual lashes service.
The event progressed well despite the rains, a lot of people came to
support, and the theme of the launch was "women supporting women in
business." Both women and man came in their numbers to support the launch
for the whole day but the official ceremony was delayed due to the rains.
This official opening saw many women having their individual eye lashes
extention done, Proffesional make up, make over, manicure and pedicure,
there was also free entertainment, food and beverage. The highlight of the
rest of the day was just having beauty fun as they offered all their
services for free, audiences could be seen everywhere dancing to music and
Precious Runyararo Harawa the woman who owns S.P.H said the young people of
today especially ladies need to get their house in order first by acquiring
education if they wish to be successful business people in future.
"The world is changing yes, but I want to say especially to young ladies
out there, get your education first then the rest will fall in place, if
you want to run a successful business," She said.
"My hope is to help more Zimbabwean women get in business and create more
employment in the country.
"As women it it high time that you just do not wait around for your man to
take care of you, do something for yourselves ladies out there and man will
even respect you more," said Lashes by S.P.H proprietor Precious Runyararo
The company is not only a beauty parlor but also offers standard designs
from Linens in cotton designs to Valentines Boutique, Blantinas Boutique,
Cinnic Boutique and ofcouse Cherry on top make up.