P.O.P THE TRILL X puts the love for hiphop first

Bulawayo based rapper, P.O.P THE TRILL X [real name Mpumelelo Ndebele] believes love for what one does should come first and in as far as he is concerned, all the monetary gains (and perks) that come with the territory are a mere bonus!
"I Just wanna keep the music running and I want to put my country on the map! It's not always about cash, for me it is about people and the love of hiphop so money naturally comes after these two things", said the 18 year old.

The young man is currently promoting 3 singles that he released in early January pf 2017. Below Ndebele shares with us details about those singles and more importantly, what the industry can look forward to from him this year and onwards.

What are the titles to the three singles that you have released so far this year?
The first song is titled 'Abasiboni' and it features Gari BM and TeeJay.
'My Hood' features M Klass From Deep minyela and on 'Baadman' I was featuring my partners in crime, Rap kid and Izzy Brizzy, collectively we are known as STREET FAME

What was the official release date for these tracks?
All the tracks were released on the 3rd of January

Who produced them?
All The Tracks where produced By T_jeketera @ exhibit Records

Can you give us a detailed background into what each of these tracks talks about?
The first single 'Abasiboni' is based on one of my friends who so happens to be a stripper in town. The song was inspired by her and wat she does. I remember her coming to me and telling me that she was planning to quit what she was doing and then there and then the chorus to the song came to me.
It goes like "......Labo cherry abasiboni basinika ubunandi beqeda bethathe lemali......" she liked it and actually encouraged me to finish the song and record it.

'My hood' was the hardest one to put togerher. I can recall getting the instrumental early in the morning and not having a clue where to start...... but then I went outside and sat with my hommies and while chilling outside i can remember M klass saying "you guys love your Hood neh......sitting out here this early in the morning?"
Then I was like yeah, this is a cool idea for a song let me sing about that.

"The track 'Baadman' is based on our everyday lives, that is, me and my crew #STREET FAME FAMILY. To tell the truth, we are bad, we got that attitude! we are boyz with mind's attitude and knowledge.

Are they available on radio?
I have made sure that my music available to radio, in the last few weeks I have taken my tracks to radio stations stations like PowerFM, Skyz MetroFM and I am in the process of also taking them to StarFM and ZiFm.

Can we look forward to any videos in the not-too-distant future?
Yes, I am shooting a video for the track, 'Abasibon' this June and then finish it off with visuals for 'My Hood' and 'Baadman' soon thereafter.

What else can we expect from you this year?
I will not only be releasing more singles (and videos) but I will be working on putting out  my debut album soon that will have 9tracks.

For more you can follow him on instargram Facebook Twitter @popthetrillx or email:popthetrillx@gmail.com