Queen Tee, author of her own story

By tawanda ngena
From being an aspiring author to being a musician, upcoming South African rapper, THATO NTSEKI otherwise popularly known by the stage name Queen Tee says that all she wants to be able to do is tell her story in her own unique way.

"Because I enjoy doing music and perfoming, I want, more than anything else to share my story and my life with other people.
"My only goal is to share my music with as many people as I can in the hope that I can enlighten, inspire and also make a difference in someone else's life", said Queen Tee, as she is affectionately known by her counterparts and multitude of followers.

Besides being a rapper (and author), the Soweto, Mapetla-based artist juggles being a student at South West Gauteng college (George tabor) and a model as well!
"I wanted to be an author at first but I felt that I needed to share my stories in a different way using a beat and my voice.
"Nicki Minaj made me love and listen to hip hop as a whole because she brought something new in the rap game and I was so in love with what she was doing and I wanted to do the same, change the game by bringing my own style and story to it", said Queen Tee.

But where does she derive all the inspiration for all her written work?
"When it comes to my writing and lyrics, I am mostly inspired by my personal life, others' experiences and what is happening around me at that moment in time.
" My work mirrors my innermost thoughts, my environment and my aspirations as well", said the 18 year old.

The young lady who is also part of a commercial rap duo going by the name, FEMCEE DELUSION shared with us some of her goals for the rest of the year which she said included, "......releasing my EP 'FROM BIRTH' and other musical and written work, establishing my modelling career as well. Getting as much airplay as i can for my music, more performances and more shoots.
" It is also my hope that one of these days I will be approached by the right recording label and I want to be able to perform with the greatest in the hip hop industry, not just locally but worldwide".

Her upcoming 7-track EP titled 'FROM BIRTH 3' whose release date is yet to be confirmed is said to feature quite a number of her fellow female counterparts and other upcoming artists as well.
" From this upcoming project, my most loyal fans can expect a wide variety of themes, from love, heartbreak & joy, to hope and so much more", she said.

Being one of the few female emcees out there, we asked Queen Tee what it meant to her and more importantly, if she had any advice for other aspiring female rappers out there,
"Being one of the few females out here doing it is special, It means I'm doing something that few women can do and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be one of those few making a difference in the rap game.
"To the other young ladies everywhere around the globe, I would like to say, never give up on what you believe in, always know that not everyone will appreciate what you are doing but you nevertheless gotta do it because at the end of the day you are making a difference in your very own way.
" Don't forget to be the best version of you there is and always remember that there is a lot to learn from life and others", she said.