As ludicrous as that headline might sound, upcoming rapper Robz Tanah surely seems to be striking all the right chords, that is, if news reaching our ears is anything to go by.
It is quite an overwhelming endorsement for an artist who started music barely a year ago to be lined up for a show in Dubai after signing a US$1500 contract for only 3 days, something of a 'first' in as far as ZimHipHop is concerned.
Speaking from his base in Harare this morning, Robz Tanah said he received a feedback message on facebook last week from Michael Adams well known in entertainment circles as Dj Mc Dams and arguably one of the more recognizable club Djs in Dubai telling him that he wants him to perform at Jookbox road show in Dubai.
According to Robz Tanah, the Dubai dj was impressed by the young rapper's talent and also gave special mention to Robz Tanah's latest releases which he described as 'fresh' and had really been banging in the local clubs like noone could ever have expected.
Dj Mc Dams was caught by surprise just like everyone else upon the realisation that the artist behind those club bangers was Robz Tanah!
There is no doubt that Robz Tanah is one of the most hardworking upcoming artists in the country right now.
He is indeed a prospect for the future and he is promising to outdo himself with each and every opportunity he gets.
Even without a manager to handle his affairs, the young man has done considerably well for himself thus far.
"Even though I am not a household name yet, I can promise you that by the time I am done, the whole world will know my name.
" I am going to give it my all because I believe in the talent that i posess and my music as well", he said.

The rapper is promising to release his debut album this year and put himself in contention for all the local award shows.