A blossoming career ahead for Zizzi Azzazi

 story by Blaque Aqua
Awards are a great way of celebrating and showing love to our artists and what a better way to do it than to congratulate all nominees and winners of the recently held Changamire Hiphop Awards in this month of love.

Today we celebrate one such artist ......
She has been an artist for over a year but has managed to rise above all expectation and her talent shone through when she scooped an award yet ahead of some of the finest emerging female voices in the land, chief among them being Tiara Baluti and BlacPearl among others.

Going by the name Zizzi Azazzi, she has surely shown that she is worth every dollar and someone who will not easily be dismissed, after all, she took home the gong for Best Female!
Not only is she a looker but a very talented musician as well, all of which are sure to carry this beauty very far in this entertainment industry.
The young woman herself is clearly over the moon and excited by this honour bestowed upon her by the Changamire Hiphop Awards.
This is what she had to say regarding the win,
" I am super excited because this is my first time coming out and it has been my dream to win such an award.
"I am quite honoured and ecstatic because looking at where and how far l have come l think it is a major achievement and one that I will cherish for a long time to come", she said.
The musician is definitely one to watch out for over the next couple of years and after bagging the Best Female artist in her first year on the entertainment scene, a lot is expected from Zizzi.
It is a challenge that we are sure and have no doubt whatsoever that she will gladly welcome with open arms.

Loosely translated, Zizzi Azzazi means 'untainted beauty' and surely she does have untainted beauty worth worshipping, no wonder she won the award, for, the award itself seeks to praise female beauty and feminism, and the right candidate clearly won.
We look forward to witnessing this young talent's blossoming career taking shape, after all, we got a front-row ticket to this one particular show!