Beezzah breaks New Ground

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Soweto based Hip Hop artist 'Beezzah' real name Mxolisi Kubheka has come a long way, from the days when he used to record music on his mobile phone to now being able to build his own state of the art studio recently.

The young but determined rapper said that he had not had anything handed to him on a silver platter but had to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where he is today.
The chanter believes that his opportune time to shine has finally arrived and that all he has ever wished for is in front of him and ready for the taking!

What is thought-provoking about 'Beezzah' is that he does not just want to be on top but wants to get there with other musicians who are currently facing difficulties as he used to, this is why he is in the process of building a state of the art fully furnished recording studio in Soweto to help other struggling artists.
'Beezzah said he started his music career when he was young and used to love writing poems and songs , having been influenced by his cousin and friend who are poets. 
"When i was 16 i fell in love with hiphop and I began adding my vocals on the beats.
"The stage name 'Beezzah' is actually my childhood nickname which was given to me by my grandmother.
"I released my first Ep As I Rich on 13 December 2014 with 7 singles and in 2015 me and my friend Riley formed a rap duo named Beezzah no Riley (BnR). We Released a single titled "Dont Say That" which later that year we shot a music video for.
"It has been tough especially when i started rap since i had no recording resources i used to record myself using my phone and listen to myself rhyme because back then i had no money to get studio time," said Beezzah.

He narrated that his journey has been rough because he started his studio from scratch.
"When my friends bought new clothes and cell phones i would save every cent i had and bought equipment bit by bit.
"Started with a mic my friend "TK/Hloni" had a laptop, then we would record a track.
Back then the quality was low but we didn't care we still shared our music for the people to listen to.
"When i finally had all the basic equipment needed to start a simple studio i then learned how to make music and record a track by watching tutorials the whole day on the internet. Thats when i decided to produce my own tracks, because there and then i believed nothing was impossible.
"I then learned the basic skills of producing. I then started my own recording label with the help of my friend Riley we called it O'yeah Entertainment," he said.

The energetic chanter believes he is on the right track with his music and producing career. He dreams of seeing himself on the big stage performing in front of thousands of people. Infact, he says that he can almost taste his victory.
He said he used to listen to Eminem a lot growing up and draws his inspiration from the 'Rap God's tracks.
Beezzah is currently working with KB Riley, Tk/Hloni, Michael, and Raymond from Street media Production in the studio construction process.
"Currently we using Mike's room but i would like the studio to be in a stable and secure environment.
"All i want is for my work to be heard, my main goal is to be a successful music producer and getting the best sound quality. I'm still building my studio and there is still a long way to go but i believe that if i could start it from scratch then i have no reason for me not to finish it," he said.

For those who may want to contact 'Beezzah' you can do that through his Facebook page @BnRSA or Follow him on Twitter @BeezzahandRiley SA or @CozitsBeezzah