BrownXin been 'puttin in the work'

story by Blaque Aqua
Last year was a year filled with trials and tribulations but despite it all, we still here today, our will much stronger than before, we have not lost the desire to carry on and carry out our dreams!.......entertaining and inspiring people all the way.

All the things that we do here on earth, we do because of those we love and noone reinforces that belief more than Chitungwiza rapper, BrownXin who makes special mention of his mother in a track aptly titled 'Make Mama Proud'.

The song celebrates the dreams and aspirations that we have not merely for us but for our mothers and another motivating thing about it is that it does not have a lot unnecessary bragging (or vulgar) which makes it ideal for children to listen to. In this track BrownXin featured Dexta Basiq who happens to have a more aggressive approach to his rapping style that not only adds flavour to the song but compliments BrownXin's verses and rap style which is laid back.

The visuals for 'Make Mama Proud' are ground breaking all thanks to Aaron Mheta who can't keep the camera still for 30seconds. Aaron Mheta Pictures was established by Aaron who was once in a group with Dexta Basiq. The unique thing about Mheta's visuals is the camera movement, its so hard to describe it without sounding offensive but l am going to try and explain. The after effect of his videos induces a 'dizzying feel' and if you want to find out why l say so just watch the Make Mama Proud video.

The video was a "zero cost" budget.

Questions and Answers

Q. How much was it to hire the trucks?
A. Zero, they were given to us for the shoot by a certain company.

Q. Is the cabin in ChiTown
A. Yes it is

The cabin scene makes the video look very much 'American'. I asked which was his favourite scene to which he said " The Cabin scene, it has to be my favourite because we had fun memories there ".

Upon its release the visuals had 1000views in 3days and it featured on Hiphop263's charts for more than 2weeks and was quite an achievement for the two rappers.

It appears BrownXin and Dexta Basiq will once again collaborate and we can't wait to hear and see what they have to offer!