Deryl Penetrates

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Hip hop multi-talented artist Deryl Havnar has penetrated the Zimbabwean music circles, he came in with so much energy and has worked with various artists like MC Tytoh,Dizzy Don and many more. The young hip hop artist is also a Love philosopher, and a poetry writer.
Deryl Dennis is a young hip hop artist based in Harare Zimbabwe, he was born on April, 29 1996 studied at Msengezi High school till the year 2014, that is when he ventured into the music industry and has been using music to reach out to the less privileged, his way of making a change in people’s lives.
His first show was for the 2014 hip hop awards from there he has had many other shows both in Harare and Bulawayo.
The young chanter believes that he did not chose the hip hop genre but instead the genre chose him.
“I did not choose the genre but it chose me, and I fell for it because hip hop is universal. There is poetry in art and the art in the genre is never limited,” he said.
Deryl is also a volunteer at a local organisation that caters for the marginalised children, he says he finds joy in working with those that are in need.

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