Doc Vikela kicks off 'Intensive Care' National Standup tour

Zimbabwe's standup comedy scene has gained significant ground, especially in the last couple of years.
Appreciation for standup comedy has also grown locally.
Everyday we see veterans and the 'new blood' battle it out to see who can crack the most ribs with laughter, so-to-speak and we have had the priviledge to witness before our eyes, the emergence of the likes of Carl Ncube, Clive Chigubhu, Simba The Comic King and of course, Doc Vikela, the man who is seen as the next big thing and upon whose shoulders (and jokes) the industry will stand.

A few days ago, whilst browsing through the entertainment pages, we bumped into a poster for Doc Vikela's 'Intensive Care' National tour, a poster in which like a true 'doctor' he appears with a white overcoat and a stethoscope around his neck, as if ready to diagnose his patient. In this mockup scenario, the doctor's 'prescription' would no doubt be a strong dosage of laughter, after all, don't they say that 'laughter is the best medicine'?

So brace yourself Zimbabwe, Doc Vikela is 'amped up' and is bringing his 'Intensive Care' National Standup tour to a city near you!
So whether you are in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru,Masvingo, Kwekwe, Mutare or Vic Falls, make a date with the 'doctor'!
We caught up with the comedian for a brief chat to find out more about his upcoming tour and also get him to share his thoughts on a few other issues.
Below is how our chat with the 'comedy doctor' went;

Can you give us a background into the "Intensive Care", National standup tour?
The nation is in a fix, in an Intensive Care unit, so as a comedy doctor i am going all out to provide a cure!

Who is the Brains behind it and when was it established?
It is my concept, a celebration of the growth of the brand Doc Vikela and Zim stand up comedy industry. It is a touring concept that i created this year for my tour

When does the tour officially kick-off?
The tour kicks off on the 24th with a Harare performance

Who are some of the acts (established and upcoming) that will grace the tour?
We will be having Kadem the comic, comic pastor, gonyeti and Tinaye

What is your main goal with this initiative? 
Our main goal is to grow stand up comedy as well as reach out to new audiences. Open new markets and if possible establish regular comedy spots around the country

What can the folks from Masvingo and other cities expect when the Intensive Care National Standup tour makes a stopover in their city?
They can expect fireworks, crazy crazy crazy humour, Doc Vikela amplified!

What is your take on the local standup comedy scene right now?
The stand up comedy scene is still growing. And this tour among other initiatives moves to cement growth of the industry!

In which areas do you feel it can improve for the better?
Areas of promotion, opening up new performance spaces, new markets

For the benefit of those not yet familiar with you or your work can you tell us more about just who Doc Vikela is?
Doc Vikela is an award winning stand up comedian who points out the absurdity of what is supposedly normal