'Echo The Vibe' with Big Dhara Ziggy

Urban Craft magazine in conjunction with Irah Entertainment is proud to introduce a brand new motivational column by celebrated local producer/sound engineer/music tutor Big Dhara Ziggy.
The new column, titled 'Echo The Vibe', will appear monthly (and weekly online).
The Kuwadzana based producer said that he was excited at the prospect of this new development and that it was an opportunity for him to give back to society.
"Having started from a point where I had nothing and managing to accumulate all the skills, resources and knowledge that I have so far, I understand how important all of it is when one is starting out.
"I just wanted the chance to be able to share the wisdom that I have amassed over the years with everyone else out there who is chasing a dream.
" This is a unique opportunity and one that I intend to partake in seriously and more importantly, my own way of giving back to the community", he said.
Starting this March, fans, followers from the entertainment world and everyone else in-between can look forward to some inspirational words of wisdom from Big Dhara Ziggy.
"I would like to thank Urban Craft for giving me space in their magazine and I look forward to interacting with everyone else out there through this platform", he said.

To interact with Big Dhara Ziggy and receive daily inspirational quotes, get in touch with him on the following:

+263776 917 685