One on One with the vivacious Vanessa Vee Deza

She is touted as one of the most promising Zimbabwean modelling 'exports' and rightly so, she continues raising the nation's flag high down in 'Mzansi'.
It is just as hard not to notice those sultry looks as it is not to notice her work, work that is recognized even back here at home and led being a nominee at the recently held Zimbabwe Models Awards.
Our writer, Peter Tanyanyiwa (PT) sat down with the vivacious South-African based model, Vanessa Vee Deza (VD) and below is how the interview went;

PT. What inspired you to take up modelling as a career?
VD. Well it was a number of people who encouraged me to try modelling, I wasn't too sure about it at first

PT. Take us through the emotions that you went through in your first ever fashion show and/or photo shoot?
VD. My first photo shoot I was super nervous but the photographer put me at ease, my first fashion show I was super confident and it was a success

PT. Who was your role model growing up and how did that help in shaping you into the model that you are today?
VD. Honestly I didn't have a role model in the modelling industry, if anything I never saw myself as a model, It never occurred to me that one day I could actually become a model

PT. Was your family supportive?
VD. My mother was super supportive and is still, but she always advises me to put education first, but to also follow my heart and passion

PT. What are your thoughts on the polarizing 'size 0' recquirement?
VD. Size 0 is an unfair requirement because it puts pressure on so many models, there are bigger models with so much potential but because of their size they are not looked at twice, but I'm glad that the South African modelling industry is now opening up to bigger models, even for runway and even plus size models are in demand, we just hope that this will continue on to Europe so that bigger sized models can be given an opportunity to realize their dreams through modelling

PT. If you were not a model, what else do you think you could have been?
VD. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but was hopeless in mathematics so instead I settled for Human Resources Management which is what I'm currently studying

PT. What are your 'guilty pleasures' food-wise?
VD. Where do I even begin? Let me put it this way, I eat everything and mostly what I'm not supposed to eat, I'm one of the lucky few who don't gain weight

PT. How do you cope with the pressures of being a model?
VD. I cope very well because all I have to do is maintain my weight and take good care of my skin, which at first was a little difficult because I'd forget these things but now it's like part of my life so I just do it easily. I guess the pressure is when I go for castings and have to compete with other models to get a part

PT. What beauty tips do you swear by?
VD. water water water, smooth clear skin all year round, but of course scrub it once or twice a week

PT. Any advice for aspiring models out there?

VD. If one wants to join an agency they need to do thorough research on that agency, make sure it's legit, because there are so many bogus agencies that charge an arm and a leg for joining fee and test shoots but they don't give you any work at all ,not saying that you should always get work, sometimes you can even be in the agency for months but not get anything but other models in that agency should at least be working for you to know that one day you might get work, so it requires a whole lot of patience . Also make sure you fit all the requirements needed by the agency, such as height, features, weight.