Rev Chivaviro inspires me: Maphosa

By Peter Tanyanyiwa

Zimbabwean South African based gospel musician Tinashe Maphosa who is
yet to release his cutting-edge album ‘Ndotenda Baba” said he draws
his main inspiration from award winning gospel maestro Rev T
Chivaviro. He said this soon after putting finishing touches on his
latest album which is produced by renowned producer Psaltz at Clasteck
The gospel artist has a bright future as he is only 24, he said he
believes he has a calling to minister through music.
“I was born in dzivarasekwa but now based in Durban SA, started
singing in 2010 as a praise and worshiper in church, I draw my
inspiration from Rev Chivaviro who is an Apostle to the church I go to
here in durban, Minister Takesure Zamar and Lloyd Tevedzai.
“I realised I sing back in 2009 when a lady who was by then our church
youth leader (mai Tembo) insisted I should join the church choir, I
recorded an album in 2010 with a friend named Simbarashe a keyboardist
at our church, and I am yet to release my album titled “Ndotenda Baba”
recorded by “Psaltz” Prince Zhakata at Clasteck Studios, it carries 6
tracks which are, I have worked with Psaltz, Minister Larry, Modesta
makoni, Phebion tagarira,” said Maphosa.
Some of the songs on the forthcoming album are “Ndotenda baba” ft
Theressa Manyonganise, sister to sharon manyonganise of Zimpraise,
“Simudzirwai” ft Psaltz and Modesta Makoni, “Hama yakanaka” ft Phebion
Tagarira, “Ngakuitwe kuda” ft Minister Lawrence, “Tsoka dzevatsvene,”
and “Zita renyu ngarikudzwe.”

Maphosa believe that God gave him a gift as a worshiper and minister,
he said he sees himself going different places taking the gospel to
the people through music.
“As the word say the gift of a man maketh a way before him, by God`s
grace I see myself going places and taking the gospel to God`s people
in music, I wish to work with Minister Zama,Minister Ellard and other
worshipers in the musical circle,” he said.