RUE Flourishes

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Riding high local RnB female artist RUE real name Ruvimbo Karimazondo say she is at the pinnacle of her career and is happy with her musical journey she has traveled so far. This revelation followed her recent launch of her latest single “Reason” in style at a red carpet event at 1+1 Happy Club, in Belvedere.
It was a full house at the launch, and the artist said she was overwhelmed and happy that there is still a big number of music lovers who appreciate real RnB music apart from the local popular genres.
RUE brings in a different and international sound on her track “Reason” she highly expresses her vocal ability as she sings about her past personal relationship love life in the track.
“In this brand new track, I sing about a past relationship I was involved in. I was falling for someone, I would not have expected to fall for but was not really doing much for me emotionally, and it was a lot of Chaos and drama.
“I just want to thank all music lovers who thronged 1+1 and appreciate their support, I was nervous initially but the crowd gave me the confidence I needed,” said RUE.
RUE was born on July 12, 1992, in Harare, Zimbabwe. She fell in love with music at an early age and eventually found herself drawn to RnB and Pop music.
In 2012, she won a singing competition called “Musical Icons” in Malaysia, which in her words was both an enlightening and humbling experience. This prompted her to pursue her music further whilst completing her business degree in France.
Since completing her degree she has emerged performing alongside artists such as Sasha at local festivals and music circuits. During mid-2016 she began work on her EP collaborating with various artists to bring about a cumulating of her work over the years.
RUE fees music best expresses all spectrum of human experiences and both brings out vulnerability and strength, something one can sense with her powerhouse vocals and she hopes to create music that people will easily be connected to.

Her music can be found on soundcloud, facebook and instagram: ThisisRUE