Sasha Rainbow, Dancehall's Ray Of Hope

Emerging reggae/dancehall star, Sasha Rainbow believes in unity and the power of collaboration, especially amongst the local female artists and strongly advises against any unnecessary 'beefs' if women musicians are to forge ahead.
"You know as a woman in the industry there is a lot of work to do, you have to work  twice as hard as the men just to get any recognition. I honestly hope that one day we will be afforded an equal footing to compete againsts our male counterparts and that includes all aspects, from radio airplay to shows and everything else in-between.
"It is all about letting females, especially the upcoming artists have that self-belief and confidence to dream.
"We have to lead by example, so to me, feuding with fellow female artists does not make any sense at all when we already have the odds stacked up against us, so why fight when we can and should collaborate?", said the 20 year old.

And collaborate she did! Sasha came together with fellow female artists Nina, Mel B, and Miz Blaq on a track titled, 'Ndakanaka ndakadaro' that is set to be released on the 25th of February.
Loosely translated, 'Ndakanaka Ndakadaro' means ' I am beautiful just the way I am'.
"It has sought of become the 'in-thing' and a menace at the same time in our society today for people to bleach their skin, regardless of how harmful it may be.
"As an artist I felt it right to address this issue and help my fellow women (and men too) to not only realise the dangers of doing so but also remind them that they are beautiful just the way they are and there is no need to change their skin colour.
"I am Black, beautiful and I am proud! God made me this way and I wouldn't change a single thing.
"Basically, what we are trying to achieve through this song is to bring back that self esteem and pride in our people", said Sasha.
The song was put together by one Craig Madamombe aka TOGA.

It is no secret that Sasha is a unique talent one of the few musicians out there seeking to make a difference through their music.
Besides the 'Ndakanaka Ndakadaro' song, she is also in the process of putting together a project entirely dedicated to issues that have to do with women empowerment.
According to the Kuwadzana-born reggae/dancehall artist, the project is slated for release sometime in October this year, will tackle a number of themes, chief among them being prostitution, education, self esteem and pride.
"This project was inspired by the young women that I see late at night in the streets trading sex for money and on the other hand, women that think one must have a man to be complete them and rarely pay attention to their education.
"Education is always the key to success and no matter what circumstance you find yourself in, no-one can ever take your education away, 'dzidzo inhaka yehupenyu' and in whatever you do just put God first, be hard-working and productive daily and never let your past determine your future", said Sasha.

Behind her forthcoming project are exceptional producers in their own right, from the likes of Quazor Darara of Young Games Entertainment(YGE),Cymplex of Solid Records,Cashlibs of Cashlibs City to Cool Bells among others.