Sitcher hits Hard

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Afro-pop musician Sitcher real name Nyasha Mazaranhanga has hinted that he is to collaborate with South African multi-award winning artist Casper Nyovest sometime this year, at the moment the two camps are still negotiating terms but the collaboration has been confirmed.
Sitcher was born and bred 21 years ago in Kariba and went to Nyamhunga high school but is now based in KZN Durban, South Africa. He said he began his musical career as a young boy at church where his father was a leader.
“I am a proud Zimbabwean and I do not pretend to be South African as I am proud of where I come from, my home town is Kariba, and my goal is to spread Zimbabwean music across the region and beyond,” he said.
“I was fortunate to be introduced to music at an early age, at church as my father was a leader to the church I used to go to, and now I feel that music I part of me and I have a part to play. Currently I am getting ready to get in the studio with Casper Nyovest to do one of the best collaborations to come out of Southern Africa.
“I am currently residing in KZN Durban and I work with Dj Linkman at Clasteck records with Platinum platters and Lee punch my woman. I am inspired by wizkhalifa as well as bounty Lisa and SoulJah Love Chibaba,” said Sitcher.
Sitcher began his musical journey back in 2004, at that time he was ina church choir. He recently lauched his album last December titled “Skiri Tora Gauro.” He said he is receiving overwhelming support from music lovers and he feel that it is only a matter of time, for him to live his dream life through his talent. On the other hand his wife ‘Lee Punch’ is also heating stage as a dance hall artist.