Tambo Junction Tv, Beyond Just Mere Passion


By tawanda ngena
"I chose to be a Madzibaba because i knew that by just wearing that garment i would have already captured people's attention before doing or saying anything".
That is Tambo Junction Tv founder, Desire Takaedza's response to being asked why he had chosen to take up the role of 'Madzibaba TeeQae', a role which he reprises on a number of their comedy skits.
Clever retort or not, you cannot argue with the young man's reasoning.
Comedy, just like everything else in life, is a calling. You either funny or you are not, there is no in-between.
We spoke with Takaedza and sought to find out more about his own comedy project, Tambo Junction Tv. Below is how the interview went.

For those not yet familiar with you or your work can you give a brief into what Tambo Junction tv is?
Tambo Junction TV is a group that consists of two National University of Science and Technology (NUST) second year students, namely Desire M Takaedza{Madzibaba TeeQae} and Munashe Mambo{Mambo}

Who is the brains behind it and when was it established? Where is it based?
Madzibaba TeeQae is the founder of this group and it was established on the 27th of November 2016, we started this group out of our passion for comedy.
The group is currently based in Bulawayo because that's where we would be most of the time since we will be having our studies.
Upon graduation, obviously the group is going to be based in Harare because that is where our families stay.

What are some of your main goals and how far have you gone in realising those?
Our main goal, for us as a group, besides making people laugh we want to create our own brand so that in the future we can recruit more youths with the passion for comedy. On the road to realizing our dreams, I am happy that some media houses have been helping us publish our skits and for that we are so grateful. Some of these organisations include Bulawayo 24 news, Nehanda TV, ZimTainment and Zimba Music.Com.

Can you take us through what a regular day at Tambo Junction tv is like?
Since we are still doing our studies, most of the time we will be having lectures but then in the evening we do meet as a group to practice skits and also formulating ways to make our brand grow.
I write most of the scripts for the group and right now I have written over 40 scripts but they will be released one by one so our fans should look forward to more skit productions.

Can you list for us some of your more notable productions thus far? Who are some of the more known actors and artists that you have worked with so far and which experiences were the most memorable for you?
Since we are are still relatively new to the industry (3 months old now) our most notable production was one skit which we made on the Zimsec O Level results and I am happy it was received well by the people.
We are always consulting our brothers in the industry for help and I am happy because despite their busy schedules they always find time to help and in making us aware of ways in which we can improve the way we express ourselves before the camera and some of these individuals include Boss Kedha and Clive Chigubhu.
After we close school this semester, our hope is that we can meet 'The Comic Pastor' and hopefully find some way in which we can collaborate, since we have already been in contact with him.

What are you currently working on that your fans out there can look forward to?
As of now we are just focusing on our skit productions, but our fans should expect to see a couple of short films coming their way before the end of 2017.

What are your plans for Tambo Junction tv and where do you intend to take this project?
As marketers, our dream is to make our project fertile ground for investment/sponsorship.  
Markerting is one of our main fields of study at school.

What initially inspired you to put together this project and what do you think has resulted or is the major cause behind the cropping up of similar projects all over the country?
End of 2016 we were doing a course called Marketing Communications, that is taught by our department's chairperson, Mrs Ngwenya and in that course we had a topic on advert creation and thats were my love for comedy grew.
I think for some the major reason to venture into comedy is not through passion but rather because they want to make money. I believe that one has to first believe and pursue their passion before the money comes.