Chiyedza, As Bright As The Morning Star

In Shona culture, 'Chiyedza' descibes a light or a thing of beauty (read sunrise), a sight for sore eyes and aspring model, Chiyedza Govha is one such beauty!

Currently signed under Aisha modelling agency, she has participated in peagents such as Miss DDYMC, Miss Kombani lodge and even went on to bag the Miss Valentine Zimbabwe crown.
Her hope is to take home the Miss Universe crown in the not-so-distant future.

According to Chiyedza, her modelling career started a couple of years ago when she was still in high school where she used to engage herself in school pageants.
What started out as just a hobby grew into something much much more as the 18 year old developed quite a liking to "this whole cat walking business".
"Growing up, I was really inspired by models, especially those from overseas. It was then that I came to the realization that i could also showcase to the world my talent through modelling because I really love fashion.
"One day, it is my dream to be part of an international fashion pageant show, that is, if I have not managed to organise one myself of course!", she said.

The bubbly and free-spirited Chiyedza spoke glowingly of her idols, global catwalk queen Naomi Campbell and Zimbabwe's own Brita Musalethulini.
"I look up to the likes of Naomi Campbell, she is an inspiration to all of us aspiring models. You cannot ignore her beauty and the work that she put into making herself into the global icon that she is today, she is a pioneer and role model.
" She has done much in this industry... not only for herself but for women of colour the world over. I love her to bits and it is my hope that I can one day emulate all the wonderful things she has done, sometimes I find myself trying to mirror the way she walks, her confidence and the poise with which she does it with.
"Back home, my idol is Brita Masalethulini, who was of course the inaugural Miss Malaika, she did us all proud!", she said.

Just like her role models, Govha has big dreams of her own!
"I have come to the realization that modelling can open doors for me to market not only myself but my other talents as well and help in establishing me as a fashion icon, business lady and brand ambassador .
"I look at modelling as my passion and one of my goals is to own a modelling agency someday and recruit young girls who have the same passion as i have and make Zimbabwean models recognised world wide", she said.

The Harare-based model is also a budding actress and hopes to one day be a regular feature on both silver screen.
"Besides modelling I also love acting and I believe that if i pursue it with the same passion as my modelling career, one day i will feature in many a film, both locally and abroad", said Chiyedza.

It is no secret that if you have anything worth pursuing in life, you have to dedicate your time, energy and resources towards it. The 18 year old beauty concurred,
"I give my everything to God because I that with Him I can never fail. This year my resolution is to grow and take the next step in my modelling career and that means competing on a national and regional scale.

"More pageants, more hours of grooming and hopefully by the end of the year I would have made plenty of positive steps towards my goals!", said Chichie, as she is affectionately known.