"Know your purpose", Big Dhara Ziggy

This is the first installment of ECHO THE VIBE and as such I want to make sure that what I share can connect with my audience and reverberate in their minds and those around them.
I want to share a few thoughts on helping others.. I have been making music for almost 12 years now.

So far the full range of my skills and acquired knowledge is unbelievable, I do graphics, video , audio ( all genres you can think of) , I am a good DJ , speaker etc.
I do not consider myself a better human being but I believe that God is using me to uplift my fellow man (and woman) and for that, he blessed me and put all manner of talents at my disposal, which I aim to use in furthering his cause.
Generally, people are ungrateful and in the process of helping people you will mostly be disappointed but if God gives you something to do, you do it anyway , you attract great things when you do selfless deeds.

Life is not just about you getting what you want because what you want, more times than not, may not be good for you.

Whatever it is that you have been born with, I challenge you, use it, add value to yourself and those around you everyday!!!

What is your purpose if God can't use you?..

#Big Dhara Ziggy vaita basa ravo, It is my sincere hope that these few words have made a difference in someone else's life..