Relationships Matters with Kgomotso: 'Communication is Key'


Let's face it, human beings are not always the best communicators.
We may have built buildings that scrape the sky and electronics that connect the world, but sometimes we get stuck on the simplest of things such as talking to one another.

As we all know, the beginning of a new year to most people can be a tragedy, due to high stress, less money, time and at moments like these, trying to maintain a healthy relationship with friends, family or your partner can be very challenging.

We have decided to give our readership some pointers on how to go about bettering our relationships so that we don't alienate ourselves from our loved ones or even worse, lose them altogether.

What you speak, should be seen through your actions

For instance, if you tell your partner you love them, show them through your actions. Welcome them with a big hug, help out with doing the chores around the house....
Words become meaningless unless they are backed up with actions.

Talk about anything that comes to mind

Now we all know that sometimes there is nothing to talk about or you feel so, but you need to become comfortable enough with your partner or loved one and be able to talk about anything that pops up in your thoughts.

Getting comfortable

Fear can really stop you from bettering your communication skills. Being comfortable to communicate freely in a relationship takes time, but one factor that can help you be more comfortable around them is to study and know your partner/family/friends. You need to know when they are angry, when they are feeling down, what they like and what puts a smile on their faces.

Communication is not only verbal

Sometimes we find it hard to start a conversation, but there are things that you can do, which still fall under communication that can spark a conversation.
Buying flowers for your partner can support your words and show how much your partner means to you, that alone can take communication to another level, hence the saying 'practice what you preach'. Even taking a walk with your loved one can bring about new things to talk about.


Your surroundings

Yes, your surroundings can can bring about new topics to speak about, like taking a walk, having a picnic, going out for camping and perhaps a run. Your surroundings can spark up your conversations and you find yourself communicating much more than you would have if you were together in the confines of your home.

Last but not least, remember that your partner is human and has flaws.