Sipho Ngondo, a 'Remarkable' story unfolds

South African producer Sipho Ngondo believes that investing in the future generation of stars is a vital step towards the growth of the entertainment industry.
"I believe that these young artists are our future and we need to invest in them in any way that we can.
" They are the ones who will naturally inherit the industry so why not help them explore their talent and full potential? ", said Ngondo.
Being a man of very few words but more action, Ngondo is leading the way and he believes that the setting up of his own personal studio, among other initiatives will go a long way in making his dream a reality.
" One of my aims is setting up of a studio wholly-dedicated to discovering and nurturing this talent.
"Having been an upcoming artist myself at one time, I know first hand just how hard it is trying to come-up in the entertainment industry. I want to be there for my young brothers and sisters by helping give them a launchpad to success", he said.

The Johhanesburg, Orange-Farm-based producer and musician said that he himself fell in love with music earlier on in life.
"I started doing music in 2006 when I got the opportunity to learn and work with my cousin and brothers who were back then heavily involved in music production. At that time I was still a singer and I first got exposed to house music while I was learning all the techniques and skills of producing.
" I then got a mini studio in the comfort of my bedroom where I busied myself on the PC and piano, composing songs, most of which centered around House music, R&B, Hip-hop, Afro-soul and Gospel.
"I am a vocalist first and foremost but I am most comfortable in the producer’s chair because I believe that is where I can excel and make the most impact", he said.

So how has he managed to balance both his passions?
"I love both singing and producing but I do have a schedule and I always make sure that I allocate sufficient time to each", he said.

With 2 albums under his belt already and a number of single on the marker, Ngondo said that he was in the studio putting the final touches to a house album titled, 'Remarkable'.

The humble producer-cum musician draws influence from the likes of Usher Raymond and Chris Brown and says that his inspiration is determined by nature and also derived from his big brother, Thalami Ngondo, from whom he takes piano techniques and vocal lessons.

Ngondo is also the brains behind the Lite Foundation, a Non-governmental organisation that he runs with his partner, whose work involves hosting life coaching events/workshops, among other things.