Sizzyboi Lets The 'Story Teller' in him flourish

Story telling has been part of human civilisation since time immemorial, back when stories where passed down from generation to generation over campfires or through bedtime stories, but more importantly that art evolved to include music as well.
Nowadays rap lyricists are able carry on that same tradition, able to interweave their words with instrumentals and tell those very same stories through their music!
Upcoming rapper Sizzyboi reckons he is one of those artists and he is on the verge of releasing an EP that is aptly titled 'Story Teller' this March.
The 4-track Ep will officially be made available on the market on the 3rd of this month.

Fungai Rowlent Siziba or 'Sizzyboi' as he is known in the hiphop circles said that he had chosen the title because it reflected his style and most importantly the stories/personal experiences that he shares through his music.

"I decided upon the title 'Story Teller' because that is who I am as an artist, all of the songs on the EP are technically stories....infact they are stories, stories that I hope my fans can also relate to", said the 23-year old rapper.

The young rapper's EP will contain tracks such as 'Zino Irema', 'Pane Akaromba', I am Ever Blessed' and 'Vakandifushira'

"On 'Zino Irema', I was talking about when people show you fake love........cursing you all the while. 'Pane Akaromba'....explores how it feels sometimes when the odds are against you and nothing seems to be going right.
" The track, 'Vakandifushira' speaks about my own personal tragedy, so-to-speak, when my father left us to fend for ourselves on the street with nothing to eat or wear but God was on our side and my mom fought hard to make sure we were taken care of and had everything we could ever desire.
"Lastly, the song 'I'm ever blessed' is about eveything going well just because of the love of god... with no worries at all because you know The Lord is in control!", said the Mabvuku-Tafara born and bred artist.

Sizzyboi added that he is more than dedicated to his craft and that besides the EP, he is looking forward to putting in more work and time in order to fulfil his dreams.
To the young rapper-cum producer, music stopped being a hobby a long time ago!
" My plans for the rest of the year include more singles, more features (hopefully some international ones as well) and be in contention for a Nama (National Arts & Merit Awards) or Zima (Zimbabwe Music award)", he said.