Youth in Business initiative, empowering the next generation

Urban Craft magazine caught up with South African life coach, Sipho Ngondo and spoke to him at large about the Youth in Business initiative, how it was born and what its goals were.
Below are excerpts from that interview;

What is the Youth in Business initiative?
To empower and to change our future generation for the better tomorrow (enable the disable meaning power to the unpowered).
Can you give us a brief background on the program?
Youth in business is all about showcasing and uplifting local Businesses, companies and NPO’s by letting each and every one share, socialize, communicate, and market their own products. Invite variety businesses to come share the experience of being in a certain industry whereby each and every one will present and their stuff in a formal content.
When and where was it founded?
It was founded in 2016 on the 16th of April in Orange-Farm extension 6b.
Who is the brain behind it?
The brain behind this whole idea are the founders of Lite Foundation whom are Sipho Ngondo and Leah Tukwane.
What is it that you aim to achieve through this initiative?
Our aim is to venture and partner in large scale of businesses, industries and companies around the global world.
Who is your target market and why?
Our target market is youth from the age of 18years to 35years, because they have access to register and start their own businesses.
When and where will your upcoming event be hosted?
It will take place on the 27th of April 2017 at Orange-Farm Skills center.
What is the duration of the event?
It will only take a day starting from 10am until 1pm.
Any special guests or performers on the day of the event?
We will be having local entrepreneurs, businessman/businesswomen and organizations like In-touch, Step-Up and True Beauty. 
What will the events main focus/themes be?
The event main focus is to help and develop dedicated youth by providing and equipping them with more business knowledge in advance of having a platform to market and advertise their businesses, companies and Organizations.
At the end of the day, what do you hope this event will have achieved?
We will achieve implementation in business as a whole,
And an achievement of marketing, strategizing, advertising and branding as well as gaining more youth involved in business.

What are your plans in as far as the event itself is concerned?
As Lite Foundation, our plans is to pursue their dreams in reality by taking a further step through mentoring, lobbying and preparing them as the future leaders and businessman/businesswomen.
Besides this upcoming event, what else have planned for the rest of the year?
We have more workshops lined-up to ignite the youth, some of those are Teen talk, Couples corner, my family –my life (that will deal with helping parents to understand and play a role to their children by bringing both parents & children in one room whereby they will be able to express themselves) and to mention a few.