194 Affords Local Hiphop Some Time in The Sun

On the 22nd of April, the inaugural 'Hiphop In The Sun' edition comes to life at Harare's Motor Action Sports Club courtessy of 194Entertainment.
According to Lillian Chaerera, 194Ent's representative, the initiative is a 'festival' of soughts that is meant to celebrate all the aspects of hip hop, from graffiti, dance, beat-boxing to poetry and the art of rapping itself.
"Revellers and fans can expect fireworks on the day, a fusion of street rap, art in the form of graffiti and some major dance moves, that's sure to whet everyone's appetite. Our intention is to also have a few hiphop legends in the crowd, so on this day, hiphop certainly comes to life!
"We have plenty of other seasonal events on offer but we chose to 'christian' this one, 'Hiphop In The Sun' because we are in the summer season", explained 194 Entertainment's publicist.

The show's line-up of performers includes the likes of TulkMunny, WordsMyth, KARA, GZE, King Aktive, Mike Pimp and Marcques among others.
"The line up is definitely a true representation of what local hiphop is at the moment and has to offer. Look at a rapper like King Aktive, the man raps in venacular so that his fans can understand his message, Mike pimp raps on what he sees within our communities an African context and so forth, therefore the performers and fans will truly be able to connect", said Chaerera.

"Locally, hiphop is one of the genres that does not receive enough support and is often shunned by not only the media but the promoters as well. At 194, we are trying to change this 'status quo' and give hiphop a chance, our goal is to bring it into the light, in the sun, so-to-speak, hence the title", she added.

With only a few days before the event explodes into life, so bouyant is 194Ent that  Lillian confirmed that plans for the growth and expansion of the event are already afoot.
"Yes, this might be the inaugural event but our hope is that it will be the first of many more bigger and better editions to follow.
"Our goal is to make it an annual event and make sure that it will nolonger be limited to local but regional and eventually international artists as well in the long-term", she said.

194Ent is an organisation that is heavily involved on the local arts & entertainment landscape and has over the last couple of years made significant strides in as far as artist management and event hosting.
"We have an ongoing series called 'The Dance Party' that gives artists a platform to mix and mingle with other artists and fans and also be afforded the chance to share their music.
"This winter we have the second edition of the 'Winter War Rap Battle' on the cards and so that is something that the local hiphop community and fans alike can definitely look forward to", said Chaerera.

Established in 2013, 194 Entertainment has offices located in the capital, at Century House building in the Central Business District and in Westwood.
Equally important and somewhat of a rarity locally is the fact that 194Ent is an all-female organization dedicated to putting local hiphop on the map.
"We decided to come together as women to prove the point that hip hop is not only for men but women enjoy it just as much and we are willing to go the extra mile to make other women appreciate it as well", said the publicist.