Brayzz Africa Makes Foray into Fashion World

The majority of us who are familiar with Brayzz Africa, know it as an artist management and promotion company but it is set to make its own foray into the fashion world with the launch of its own clothing label some time later this year.
We caught up with the founder, Keilloe Prejon ( Keith K Gunda ) and he gave us an insight into Brayzz Africa but more importantly the fashion label itself. Below is how our chat with him went.
What is the official launch date for your clothing label?
Keilloe: Brayzz Africa was created back in 2015 & we host its birthday annually every year, with this year being the 3rd year we plan to launch our fashion label the same day with our birthday which, this time will be celebrated in November. The Brayzz fashion is going to be pre launched in August this year & the main event will be in November this year.
What was the inspiration behind your fashion label's name, is there a story to it?
Keilloe: Well when I got a designer to do my logo for the Brayzz brand is wanted something different, something that showed that we calm, gentle & moving slowly till we get there. At the same time I wanted something formal, different & normal. In my mind I had planned the sea breeze very calm & chilled. Then my designer quickly pointed out a snail on wheels it took us weeks & months to come up with the end logo & at the same time i was working on the brand name. Then Brayzz popped up, so it started as a entertainment label where we signed down artist, models & DJs to offer entertainment at various occasions, Brayzz is still a entertainment cooperation but we have recently added in other services like event planning & marketing just to mention a few. Now we are venturing into fashion, so the name of the Brayzz fashion brand comes from the main cooperation/company which is Brayzz Africa which shows a small snail moving slowly on wheels taking its sweet time.
When and where was it established?
Keilloe: Brayzz Africa was established by Keith k Gunda also widely known as Keilloe Prejon. It was established in two cities at the same time in Matabeleland North, Victoria falls & Hwange back in 2015.
What is it that made you want to start a fashion label?
Keilloe: Creativity. Besides Brayzz Africa i am fashion personality, I love fashion and i love to look good in what i wear daily throughout the year. After all i grew up around a fashion & design loving environment.
What sought of apparel will your fashion label offer?
Keilloe: We are set to cater for different styles for street fashion, casual wear & formal wear for males, females and suitable designs for the working class as well.
Who is your target market?
Keilloe: My target market is someone who loves to look good in what they wear daily, its definitely a look good wear daily type of fashion.
Can you share with us some of your goals in regards to the fashion label?
Keilloe: To launch this year definitely & to dress those people who love to look good daily & through out the year in the world as we stand today.
For the benefit of those not yet familiar with you. Can you share with us a brief background into yourself?
Keilloe: Am a fashion personality & designer, young entrepreneur founder & CEo @ Brayzz Africa one of the leading new brands in Africa. Am also a blogger & into business, because of my love for fashion am going to be launching a new fashion brand from Brayzz Africa which will dress people who love to look good in what they wear daily. It is definitely a look good wear daily type of fashion for any occasions through out the year. I did my High school in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at Milton High school finished high school 2014 & created the Brayzz Africa coorperation the following year 2015. I created Brayzz Africa with the African talent & youths at mind, with main aim of getting African Talent & businesses recognized in the world as it is Today.
Lastly, How can people all around Zimbabwe access/acquire your apparel?
Keilloe: Our brand & services are available at various stables and selected boutiques in Matabeleland.
Or alternatively you can visit our blogs:
Or if you're in zim you can call 0718302711 or get to Keilloe on app +27624762043