Cherry On Top House of Beauty, Your Home Away From Home

We had a brief but enlightening chat with the brains behind the classy establishment that is Cherry On Top House of Beauty, Tapuwa Mtakwa.

The entrepreneur took time out of her busy scedule to answer a few of our questions and below is how it all went down.

What is the Cherry On Top House of Beauty?

Cherry On Top House Of Beauty is a salon that provides makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure services.

What was the inspiration behind the name of the company itself?

The company is named Cherry On Top because our aim is to go the extra mile in providing the best services and hospitality to our customers and that's the 'Cherry On Top'.

Where and when did it all start?


We started out as a home-based Nail Bar, providing manicure and pedicure services since 2011 and as the business grew, so did the services we offer.

Being of a strong creative mind, owning a salon was always a dream of mine and I love the way a makeover or just getting a manicure instantly changes a woman's mood and mindset. I believe that every woman out there deserves to and should always be the best version of herself and I love being the artist behind it.

What are some of the services on offer at Cherry On Top?

We offer makeovers, eyebrow threading, makeup tutorials, manicure, pedicure and hair styling.

Who is your target markert?

Our target market is every woman that wants to look good,from toddlers to senior citizens and even men too. We cater for everyone from all walks of life, after all, beauty knows no bounds.

Can you share with us your immediate and future goals in regard to this initiative?

My goal for Cherry On Top House Of Beauty is to first become a household name and once we have attained that goal I would definitely like to introduce the brand to the rest of Zimbabwe and open up branches in other cities. The long term goal is for us to be an internationally recognized brand and manufacture our own beauty products.

We are close to being a well known brand and 2017 is the year we decided to aggressively market and get everyone talking about Cherry On Top House Of Beauty.

Any memorable moments/highlights thus far?

The most memorable moment thus far would definitely be taking part in the Fashion For Cancer fashion show in Bulawayo. Cancer charities are close to our hearts and we were honoured to be part of the event.

It was a learning experience as well because we had about 50 faces to work on for that  show alone and I am proud that we pulled it off.

What in your own words do you believe makes Cherry On Top unique?

Since we are home-based, I believe that our customers get that 'home away from home' atmosphere. We do go the extra mile to make sure any services provided is top notch and our services are provided in relaxing, quiet environment with complimentary snacks and beverages.

What else takes up your time?

The House of beauty does take up all my time by when I do have free time, I do enjoy arts and craft and at the moment I'm into creating flower crowns for weddings, baby showers etc.

What is it that motivates you?


What motivates me is being better than I was the day before and being able to leave a legacy. Being headstrong I'm not deterred by failure but instead it gives me that much more determination to make anything I'm working on a success. Being a woman I would also hope I can encourage other young entrepreneurs and show them that with hard work and perseverence, any dream can be brought to life.