Dalma Chiwereva, An Amazing Dream Takes Shape

Having already established herself as an actress and dancer of repute, contemporary afro-pop singer Dalma Chiwereva feels that her brand new single might just be the 'jumbstart' that her music career needed.

Her single, 'Male Male' (street lingo for money) released on the 20th of March was produced by in-form producer, @Maselo, whose body of work also includes Andy Muridzo's latest album.
"The track is just a dance song that Maselo and I came up with. We just decided to have fun with the song and talk about how even when things are hard 'we de still chop moni'...'tunonzi tuma socialz'..how others do not want to see 2 people enjoy themselves nemari yavo nomatter the odds ...                        
"It is a song that was inspired by the society at large and with this track I feel as though my music career has finally taken shape", said Dalma.

The singer/actress/dancer went on to add that the 'Male Male' track was only the beginning of bigger things to come from the artist-and-producer duo. We sought to find out more from her as to how this 'match made in heaven' was conceived.
"Maselo and I have known each other for quite a while now and he has always had this belief in me that i am a very unique singer. I remember paying him a visit at the studio at one time and how he asked me to go into the booth and sing over a certain traditional beat that he was working on and once I did, it came out really nice.
"I did not pursue the song but I do remember playing it for a few people who thought it was a cool nice song and since then in the back of my head I just couldnt stop imagining myself on the stage perfoming to a huge crowd.
"Recently when Maselo started scouting for a partner to fulfil this particular project of his, I was the first one that he thought of as the 'right person' to work with on this 'PRODUCER and ACTRESS' project and because I also have a dancing background it made it even more easier for him to settle for me", said Chiwereva.

Though relatively 'new' to some people, Dalma has always been part of the industry in one way or the other.
"I have been in the music industry for years now but in different capacities, as a manager, dancer and backing vocalist, so in truth, I am not a newcomer at all! I have been in the game for quite a while, a decade, to be exact.
"So finally being able to pursue a career as an artist myself is indeed a dream come true and it is thanks to (Maselo) TAPIWA JERA for not only believing in me but for being part of an amazing dream, my musical journey", she said.  

Dalma describes her encounter with Salif Keita earlier on this year as not only illuminating but a moment that she won't soon forget and a sign that she is on the right path.
"Meeting Salif Keita (the MANSA OF MALI) when i was in Mali with team Lamantations@12, a theatrical production written by Getrude Vimbay Munhamo, directed and produced by Daves Guzha, a two woman play which I am currently on an international tour with right now, was an awesome experience, a sign that I am on the right track musically.
"I also got to rub shoulders with ADE BANTU, an amazing musician from Nigeria and it is safe to say that I am not going to stop but keep on moving forward.
"I am already 'international' in my acting and dance career and would also love that for my musical career, to one day be able to perfom for a global audience. I would want to be able to share my stories, my experience and inspire the world at large", said Dalma.

Fans of the contemporary afro-pop artist should look forward to a lot of great musical surprises ahead, according to the songstress.
The official musical video for 'MALE MALE' is already available on YouTube.

Article written by tawanda ngena