Fya Philly Brings The Heat On 'No Love Song'

This May, South African rapper and winner of the Old Mutual sponsored #OMGWAP Rap competition, Fya Philly, brings the heat with a brand new single titled 'No Love Song'.
His latest single was produced by hit-record-making, multiple-award-winning team of producers working under the name, 'Ganja Beatz’.
"It was inspired by all the worldly addictions, especially those materialistic things, those that give pleasure to the flesh but destroy our spirit or internal self. It talks about how I show all those things "no love" hence the title 'No Love Song'.
"This song showcases my commercial rap style, hard banging club music with some really hypnotic melodies making it an unforgettable tune. The track is an all-round amazing song from the vocal and beat production to the lyricism and flow delivery.
"I am planning on doing a launch party for the song in three different cities but the main launch party will be in Bloemfontein", said Fya Philly.
With his claim to fame being the 'best rapper' title (and honour) across all universities in a competition that featured thousands of rappers , a win that entailed a studio session that culminated in the recording of his forthcoming single, a lot is expected and Fya Philly is doing his best not to dissapoint!
His goal......? To not only live-up to the billing but to 'consistently' prove what it takes to be one of the hottest emerging artists in South Africa.
As both an artist and producer, the rapper is already headlining shows alongside the likes of Slikour, Emtee, Kwesta, Proverb and many more.
With Pretoria being his home and 'base of operations', the hiphop artist recently came backback home to showcase his unique sound and production after having moved to London, England after high school where he was exposed to a more diverse HipHop culture.
The dreadlocked musician-cum producer is part of a rap group from Johannesburg called Hustle Plus Music, making New Age Music, a combination of Trap, Electro and HipHop infused with etheric African sounds.
Besides the single 'No Love Song', Fya Philly is also in the process of putting together an EP titled 'Turn Up Generation' that is slated for release sometime this year.
"The project talks about the #TurnUpGeneration which is us, the youth of today, the kind of lifestyle we live, on the edge, super fast and with the 'Yolo' (You Only Live Once) mentality. It also talks about the struggle to make it into the rap industry", he said.
The young rapper said that he was fully immersed in his music career and has a wide variety of projects lined-up for the rest of the year.
" I am working on multiple singles with a lot of international rappers and producers.I got my producer, @Problematic in Serbia who mixes all my songs including the #Turn Up Generation project.
"My plans include the shooting of multiple videos for most of my singles and as well as the songs from my up coming project TUG. I thank God always and I plan on taking over the whole of the Southern African continent's hiphop scene", said Fya Philly.