Hello 'NdiniMelody', goodbye 'Mama Chocolate'

She broke through the ranks and became quite popular as a dancer. Affectionately known in the entertainment circles as 'Mama Chocolate', she wowed crowds wherever she went.......but who knew that this same 'bundle of energy', so-to-speak was just as 'flexible' on the microphone as she was on the dancefloor?
With more than a decade worth of experience in the entertainment industry, Rudo Melody Musekiwa, or 'NdiniMelody' as she is now known, embarks on yet another run but this time as a fully-fledged musician.
We spoke to the lively singer who recently released a single featuring reverred producer Take Fizzo, titled 'Anondida' and below are excerpts from that interview.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, 'Anondida', is there a story to the song?
'Anondida' came about in the studio. I remember talking to Take Fizzo about how we could revive the old sound he used to make. Knowing very well that I was popular for dance; I wanted a song that was catchy and fun. I knew Take Fizzo would deliver that.

What is the official release date?
We released the song on soundcloud on the 31st of March. We are taking the song to radio this week whilst we work on the video.

Who produced it?
Take Fizzo better known as Take 5 back in the day produced the song

Is the single available on radio yet or it's only online for now?
For now it's online. Available on my Soundcloud. Looking forward to taking it to radio by end of the week

What else are you currently working on in the studio right now?
We have a lot of projects coming through. I don't confine myself to 1 genre. I believe in art and being artistic. I have a hip-hop song that you can look forward to/Dancehall...variety of genres.

For the benefit of those not yet familiar with you,  can you give us a detailed background into just who 'NdiniMelody' is?
Melody started off as a dancer in 2005. Taken in by Roki. Worked with a lot of urban artists. Choreographed for most of them. Shared stage with international artists. The list of artists I've worked with is alarming. Question to ask is who haven't I worked with. I was better known as Mama Chocolate because I was the only permanent female dancer in a group called Chocolate City. We did national events like Miss Tourism; HIFA; NAMA; ZIMA endless. Performed around Zimbabwe. Choreographed for Dbanj.

What is the inspiration behind your stagename?
My stage name as well as birth name is Melody. I remember when I bumped into Carl Joshua Ncube and we were on about arts. Said to me that I don't know why you would even think of another stage name when you have such a name like yours. Melody is perfect. There isn't an artist with such a name or privileged enough to have that as a name. I agreed and it sunk. Melody. My birth name.

When and where did this musical journey start for you?
I have been recording songs from time to time. The moment I outdid choreography alone I started recording. I think I did my first song in 2013. Didn't like the way my voice sounded so I stalled it. My friends liked the song but I didn't. Till a friend of Mitch said you going to be the next Sia. You want to be famous when you old that's when I started pushing for recordings.

What are some of the major highlights in your career thus far?
Choreographing for Dbanj. Sharing stage with different artists at different levels of recognition. Touring countries. I love the stage. So working on this new path has been refreshing as well as challenging. It's a major highlight for me too.

Can you share with us some of your goals?
My goal is to deliver the best of me to nations beyond. I know I can do. I have a good team that I work with. An awesome producer tho sometimes we don't see eye to eye creativity wise but we do have a final solid project in the end. To complete and do so album after album. Have a Recreational centre of my own. Do some charity work as well.

Besides music, what else are you involved in?
I am a marketing agent for individuals and businesses. I market products/ images/ brands. I am also into events from time to time. I love planning events. My friend Mitchelle Manzini and I are fashion designers. Together we are Dintle Creations. We design clothes for all ages. You should check out our page Dintle Creations on Facebook. I am also into health promotion as well. I've done work for PSI Zimbabwe. Let's say for now that side of me is my contribution to humanity.
Oh yeah. Skar Films is doing the video shoot for 'Anondida'.