HIPHOP [DEcODED] with MobXtheDon

What Is HipHop ???
Well in lame man terms hiphop is a music genre also known as rap that's wrong and way too basic(and this is DECODED) like I said in lame man terms.Hiphop is the way you walk,the way u talk,the way you dress, the kinda music you listen to in this instance it's rap music, the way u do or handle your business. In one word HipHop is a CULTURE,which started in the late 70s in a New York ghetto called south Bronx, pioneered by black Americans and Latin Americans,hiphop was made up of 5 major elements (rapping/MCing, DJing, b-boying/b-girling, graffiti art/visual arts and beat boxing)with time and progress it now has 9 elements (knowledge,entrepreneurship, fashion and swagg/style) to add to the 5 major elements.
Well in the beginning there was a dj with old school vinyl records and 2 turntables and  an mc and the genre rap also known as rhythm and poetry was born.The dj who I would like to call the creator of hiphop was the main element that brought every element together.The culture imaged from block parties that where being thrown in the south Bronx .Dj Kool Herc a Jamaican immigrant ,played a major part in the creation of hiphop.He mixed samples of existing vinyls and DJed percussion breaks mixing this music with his own Jamaican style "toasting/chanting " to get the crowd and the dancers b-boys/b-girls hyped up and in the mood to dance.
Kool Herc developed the key Dj techniques that along with rapping, founded the hiphop music creating rhythmic beats by looping breakdowns also known as the get down part, this was done using 2 turntables.This was later accompanied by rapping or MCing and the rest is history. Afrika Bambaataa of the Zulu Nation is credited for coming up with name hiphop.
Hiphop was born.