Media fosters Human Rights

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
The press is fundamental in overseeing the state of Human Rights in any country, the
media acts as the watchdog of society. Where there are violations it’s the media's role
to make it known to the world that such and such happened where and possibly how
can it be rectified. These sentiments were recently shared at a media training session
hosted by the Zimbabwe United Nations Association ‘ZUNA’ dubbed “Role of Media
in promoting Human Rights” at their headquarters in Milton Park.
In his presentation ZUNA youth national president Brighton Musevenzo said the
media acts as a whistle blower where something is absolutely not right.
“We have seen so many cases in the present world that the press alerted the public and
the authorities and the issues were properly addressed,” he said.
“Human Rights and the Press are two things that if separated bring problems to the
state of life of the people in any country. In Zimbabwe the media must save the
ultimate purpose that it was originally targeted to fulfil without fear or favour. When
newspapers and radio stations try to justify gross and serious violations of human
rights then no one will act to protect humanity from various forces that constantly
work to deteriorate the state of human rights in the world,” said Muswvenzo.
He went on to applaud the Zimbabwean press for desisting to succumb to pressures
During the training session objectivity was cited as a pre-requisite to attain the state of
human rights as a country.