Miss UZ bares her Soul

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
The current Miss U.Z Rufaro Chikwana has admonished parents not to discourage
their children who want to get into Modelling as there are many opportunities and
benefits she is currently enjoying. She shared on her journey and embolden other
students to join modelling.
She urged parents to encourage their children to get involved in modelling as their
children will get a lot of breakthroughs in life they never imagined as she has. She
narrated how she used to be discouraged to join modelling and the benefits she has
received since she was crowned Miss UZ.
“You have often heard people say, especially our African parents say modeling
what's that? What will you do with modeling? And this tends to discourage us from
participating in the modeling industry, this was me before I participated in Miss
U.Z 2016, I am sure it’s also how one of you feels right now. Its fear of the
unknown that tends to draw us back from achieving our dreams and unlocking our
full potential. Little did I know that modeling would open a gateway of
opportunities for me,” she said.
“Through participating in Miss U. Z 2016 I made several appearances in the
newspaper. My first appearance was in the Suburban paper, throughout my reign I
gradually moved from just having a picture of me in the business section of the
Herald to being on the front page and then having an article written about me about
inspiring women. Another opportunity that was unlocked for me was sitting,
laughing and dining with the patron and organizers of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe,
Zimbabwe's best pageant in 2016.
“Another added advantage for me was that I got to meet several influential people
involved in the Tourism industry such as Honorable Engineer Minister Walter
Mzembi, which was an added advantage for me as I am studying and specialising
into the Tourism industry. So whenever they ask me what can you do with
modeling I now tell them the several things I did with modeling and what I plan to
do with modeling in the future. Do not let fear of the unknown stop you from
participating in modeling, look what I did with modeling with God by my side.
Who knows what it can do for you.
“I actually managed to be exposed to the real industry of modeling with influential
people such as the Big Time Strategic group. It is important for everyone who feels
that modeling is their passion to pursue it without hesitation. A lot of people are
always going to say what they want but at the end of the day what matters is how
you respond. Before I participated in Miss U.Z I was just one of those simple girls
but it gave me a platform to realise that I could be someone better. At the end of
the day the benefits that comes with participating are priceless,” said current Miss
U.Z Rufaro Chikwana.
Miss U.Z 2017 beauty pageant will be held in April at a date to be advised with all
profits this year being channeled to Danai Childrens Home.
Last year the panel of the judges included former Miss Universe Zimbabwe Lisa
Morgan, Lorraine of Maison du Style, former Male Model of the Year Zimbabwe
Fashion Week Michael Jacobsen, Rotarian Taka Maswiswi and radio personality