Nothing But 100-Dollar Bills for Navy Seal

It has been a while since we have heard a new age African Hiphop sound from Zimbabwe.
Last year an artist by the name of Navy Seal brought the sound we have been looking for thanks to the beat and feature of PhuturePhil.
PhuturePhil's input really made the song an iconic hiphop print. From the start up of the beat and chorus one would definitely be enchanted to listen to the track. The important gist of the song is provided by Navy Seal and the lyrical delivery was onpoint without skip of a beat.
The video production of the song was done by Creative Pot and was directed by Rasquesity Keaitse,who uplifted the atmosphere of the song to a new dimension.
All in all the project is worthy of an 8/10 rating.
             Navy Seal – 100 Dollar Bills ft Phuture Phil (Song Lyrics)
Phuture Phil humming
Navy Seal: Something special about this sh*t right here
Navy Seal: Hundred dollar bills n**** yeah yeah
Chorus (Phuture Phil)
Hundred dollar bills imma get mine n**** (mine n****) X4
Whoa! Get this money whoa!
Verse 1 (Navy Seal)
It’s 2am now my phone is ringing
Overtime n**** no sleeping
Murder season so we stay killing
It’s a cold summer so there’s no chilling
Spell my name and you spell winning
I’m going in n**** eff your feelings
Why you fronting like you been f****** with me n****
Bet you never seen me coming – pause