Pablo’z Manager Celebrates Birthday in Style

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Borrowdale up-market joint Pablo’z Club and VIP’s manager James Oceane
Skinner recently celebrated his birthday in style, with revelers at Sammy Levy
This was a long and big day which attracted many great names in the entertainment
circles as it was not only Skinner’s birthday but a celebration for ‘All Pisces’ born
Many revelers who frequent the Pablo’z joint conquered that since James Oceane
Skinner came at the club, the popular night spot has never been the same. He has
literally taken credit for giving revelers something to look forward to with his
different innovative ideas.
The birthday celebrations started off with a surprise dinner which was organised by
Mr Pablo himself, from there the champagne showers and good music took over
the night, with many joining the celebrations.
“I planned the day myself with a little help from my assistant manager and the
Upscale Saturday Promoters, Ntsiri Sqaud and Alla. This was not just my Birthday
but a celebration of ‘ALL Pisces’ born patrons. It was a party for ALL of us,” said
“It started off with a surprise dinner organised by Mr Pablo himself. I appreciate
the effort the staff members put in to keep it a secret and also execute service so
Then the party began, from the champagne showers to the vibrant music to the
ambiance setting.
“I would like to thank the DJs Raydizz , Klique and Reverb, Spin and J-Dub and
last but not least the sexy and very talented TrillAngel for attending and filling the
night with musical bliss.
“I also want to express my gratitude to St. Emmo and TheMovement for coming
through to help celebrate. Team L.E.D and the rest of my family and friends who
helped me celebrate. It was LIT and I'm looking forward to making next year even
bigger and better,” said James Oceane Skinner.