Moving from one place to another living behind your relatives and friends is a very hard thing to do and this was what Shadai Tshuma had to face when he moved to United Kingdom for greener pastures.
Fortunately the most high was with him as he secured employment and a year later he invited his wife to come and stay with him.
What did he treat her to when she landed?, we asked.
"I just showed her around the house"
How romantic is that?.
Years rocked by and he had other interests that he wanted to venture in and that's what inspired what we know today as POWER ACE RADIO, but before he did that he propelled other radio stations like Pamtengo Radio to heights then went on to establish his own internet radio station.
The main objective for building the channel was so that he could assist upcoming and underrated musicians to get airplay at a fair rate because according to him, "You will never know where they will be in future".
We sure hope that they will be able to reach greater heights.
The station has been running for over four years and we hope it will continue to play a key role in the arts. We would like to thank all the stuff members at POWER ACE RADIO for their labour and commitment to the station.
To submit your music to this radio station
Email your music along with your biography(please write more about your career) and that of your music with lyrics of the song to:
That's all that it takes to submit your music.
To listen to POWER ACE RADIO please download the TuneIn Radio App from Play Store on your android device or BlueStacks on your laptop.
Story by Blaque Aqua