Sifiso Phakathi's Million Dollar Dream

His dream?, to become the youngest millionaire in south Africa and to participate as a wrestler in WWE.......As perculiar as that last part might sound, the South African model is nevertheless determined to one day see it through!
Most people will probably be familiar with him from his brief stint on one of Africa's most celebrated soapies, 'Generations' in which he enjoyed some 'screen time' as 'Mandla'.
Urban Craft had a brief 'one on one' session with Potch born-and-bred model, Sifiso Phakathi and below are the excerpts from that interview.
When and where did your journey in the modelling industry begin?
sifiso: It began in 2015 in Potch when I participated in a modelling competition, the Mr & Miss City of Expertise where I came in second.
What made you want to be a model and pursuing this particular career professionally?
sifiso: My body of course! I would like to believe that I have a great body, so I thought to myself, why not make money using what God gave me?
Who were some of your role models growing up and why?
sifiso: Warren buffet and Vin Diesel, simply because they are exceptional in what they do. Simply put, I want to become a business magnate like Mr Buffet and a great actor like Mr Diesel
Can you share with us some of the major highlights in your career thus far?
sifiso: Winning the title of Mr Northwest Valentine 20162016 definitely ranks high up on that list. I have also worked at Gold Diggers under the character name, 'Casper'and once on Generations as 'Mandla'.
What was the experience itself like for you?
sifiso: It was an overwhelming experience just being on the set of Generations and rubbing shoulders with the best in talent that South Africa has to offer. I was dressed there, and I was on set with Mr Vuyo Dabula the main antagonist
What are your aspirations?
sifiso: I aspire to inspire others through my own work and achievements. In this world everything is pretty much possible and my own goal is to be one of the youngest millionaire in south Africa.
In terms of your modelling work, what have you done and what have you achieved so far?
sifiso: I have worked for stutterfords advertising clothing and I have one title so far, that of Mr North-West Valentine 2016
What are you currently working on right now?
sifiso: Away from the modelling I am involved in trading stock and it is something that also puts food on the table at the end of the day.
Is your family and spouse supportive of your career choice?
sifiso: Given the obvious stereotype when it comes to male models, my own family is not as supportive as it should be but I'm a very self motivated person and that is one of the reasons why I have managed to make it this far.
For you, is modelling a passion or just another job?
sifiso: To me, modelling is a passion and a dream that I have always wanted to fulfill. One of my goals is to be a successful swimwear model