Tools For A Woman

Every woman has power to rise up, be counted and make a difference and is worthy of respect. A man has no control or power over your life, if you’re in a relationship where you’re always discouraged, abused physically and/or emotionally, you have all the power in the world to pack up your things and leave!
But it is not every woman who can or does leave, especially when issues of financial security are thrown into the equation and thus, many of our sisters are stuck in bad relationships simply because the guy has a loaded bank account. They forget that money can not fix or buy love for that matter.
If money is all that is holding your relationship together, then there is a strong possibility that your ship will sink in stormy times. It is no secret that most woman are blinded by material things and how ironic that it is also these same women who always cry about being 'unlucky in love'.
Let’s assume you meet a guy at shopping complex who is driving the latest Mercedes Benz and a few days after talking to him you go out on a date. The guy lavishes you with money and presents with no hesitation at all. He hasn’t even proposed to you yet but because you are blinded by the material things, you end up opening not only your heart to him but your legs as well.
Usually, it does not take long to start noticing the changes. After you have given him the proverbial 'cookie', he naturally sets his sights on new prey. To him, you were nothing more than a mere 'conguest' and like most women, you are left crying, wondering why, after opening up your heart and legs to him for that matter, has the guy lost interest in you.
You ask yourself why all of a sudden he is annoyed by you and why he treats you like a piece of trash. You were too blinded by the material wealth to see that all you ever were to him was a 'booty call', and nothing more!
He is definitely not who or what you thought he was. Remember that thieves do wear suits too.
Don’t be fooled by his money, his body or his appearance because love does not depend on any of that. Love that is built on money is fragile and frail.
A good man doesn’t dress to impress,
He doesn’t dress to attract,
He doesn’t spend to impress,
He doesn’t take before given,
He doesn’t force but encourages,   

Having a man with ambition, a man who never criticizes you, a man who supports you when things seem to go wrong, having a man who values you and your time and having a man who respects you and stays faithful to you, that’s fruitful!