Top Model Zimbabwe Launches International Training Programme


By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Top Model Zimbabwe, the largest Model agency based in Emerald Hill, under the
direction of well-known fashion personality Karin Davidson along with their official
partners European Top Model have launched a new comprehensive Model Training
program. This covers all there is to know about Runway and Photographic Modeling,
Grooming, Etiquette, Image and Marketing of one self, Make Up and Wardrobe
planning as well as an introduction into pageant modeling. Having been in the
industry for 24 years, Karin is a dynamic businesswoman who has an eye for
international quality models and has been entrusted by big names within the
international model industry to scout, mentor and manage upcoming models.
In an interview in Harare recently Karin urged young ladies and men to associate
themselves with reputable agencies, who are recognised by MIAZ (Modeling Industry
Association of Zimbabwe) and who are going to represent them well both locally and
internationally. “There is a big market for models and with so many young girls wanting to venture
into the industry, models need to be trained and mentored by good agencies and have
good portfolios in order for them to get work and succeed as a model.




“We have secured some big regional and internationalcontracts for some of our
models and we are very proud to see our Zimbabwean girls doing so well on such a
big platform. There is a lot of work that goes into being a well groomed model, and
there are a lot of different types of modeling.
“Not all models are runway models and not all models are photographic models, once
you have undergone training, the agency will assess where you best fit in. People tend
to think “if I am not a certain height I cannot be a model” which is not true, we have a
lot of places for commercial models, who do not necessarily have to be tall or thin but
who have a lot of work because they have “relatable” faces, which means they can
look like the average person, which makes them relatable to the consumer. “Models are trained in house, keeping abreast with international trends, ideas and
concepts opening the door for them to do well globally. Once our models have
undergone the grooming process with us, we become the agents or managers and offer
a very well-run model management service and have a big data base of models for all
fields of the industry,” she said.
Top Model Zimbabwe are known for staging prestigious, high energy, well attended
runway and fashion events working with top class designers, make-up houses and
prestigious pageants such as the Elite International Model Search and Miss Tourism.
Under the umbrella of Top Model management is Remix Talent Management, a
Management Service for Artistes, performers, actors, sports personalities to mention a
few. These are exciting times for Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean Models and talent.