'Verseless Drops The 'ANTITHESIS

Written by Blaque Aqua
Name:Gwinyai Peter Tawanda Runyowa
Date of birth: 23 July 1989
Stage name:Verseless
He might be one of the most underrated artists in Zimbabwe but as far as talent goes he is one of the most gifted craftsmen out there because he can create a beat that you could not have thought of when the first idea of the song came to your head.
No doubt the guy is a nerd but his "nerdiness" has brought us one of the most beautiful Neo fusion artists we have came to love. He is the founder of the music stable, VERYUS. The VER in VERYUS is taken from his name VERseless,but that is not paramount now.
From the get-go we can understand that he was raised by both parents who cared for him because if they didn't l dont think they would have let him study Animation in Malaysia in the first place.
This guy has come a long way into where he is right now. His first group to create was Beat Harmony which featured JoE and Taf they went separate ways,his next group Aerodynamic Travelling Monsters [okay guys let us take a moment and say WEIRD!!!!, thank you] did not last and really didn't take take flight though they performed in the Malaysian Music Festival in 2011, the same year he had made his Alpha E.P which is his last work on Youtube before Veryus.
From the Alpha E.P he moved on and started other ventures like photography and his company was called Philography [okay guys, let's take another moment and say......WEIRD!!!!] which did not go well either but still determined to push his brand he produced a beat for BurnaBoy and the song was a major hit but sadly credit was given Simba Tagz, when asked why they did that this is what he had to say
"The Nigerians were working with Simba Tagz more often and it was natural for them to credit him so when Simba found out he was like 'ah ah '"
But that never put him down, he pushed further and in early February he got an epiphany (is that how you spell it?) and picked up his phone and decided to use his data bundles for the greater good of Zimbabwe and established VERYUS.
The songs from the artists were dropped daily for 7days and on the 7th of March we were shocked to find the songs on t_e_n_d_a_i (a Youtube channel) instead of Verseless, what happened?, l have no clue.
He is on the verge of releasing an album titled ANTITHESIS and from the promo singles and launch the album is a actually digestable. Normally it takes time to get used to his music but it was easy this time, maybe it is because he has finally gone mainstream?
But all in all we love Papa V with all his awkwardness and intelligent expressions.
Every beat sounds like water so l always listen to his mmusic on a hot day to feel cool and am not joking.