Wikipedia host ‘Digital Training’ workshops at ZGS

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Wikipedia recently hosted a series of “Digital Trainings” workshops at Zimbabwe
Germany Society in Milton park, the series covered practical Wikipedia Writing,
editing and uploading training.
The training is with scope of WikiLoves Africa competitions on uploading of images
taking place in the global and African Communities. African countries include
Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and now Zimbabwe.
This was the inaugural series of the trainings in Zimbabwe and the national point
person and prolific local poet Mbizo Chirasha said the trainings helps to put
Zimbabwean stories and issues on a global platform.
“Few Zimbabweans understand Wikipedia and how it works, hence there is need to
train more Zimbabweans in the area. The Trainings took place in series that include
writing, editing and uploading images on Wikipedia. Participants were people who
were able to type, use internet and had their own computers in form of laptops and
tablets that can be online mostly WIFI since our host partner provided WIFI for the
“The Zimbabwe German Society was our venue of the trainings events. Our
participants were drawn from GIZ partners, Goethe Centre members, Writers,
Bloggers, Women organizations, students and the media.
“Digital training on writing, editing and uploading on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is
growing big here in the world and Zimbabwe should be one of those countries taking
the Digital revolution into work by archiving issues that affect using the Wikipedia as
a digital Resource archive,” said Chirasha.
The purpose of this series of workshops was to acquaint new editors with the overall
scope of Wikipedia, its policies and practices.