All roads lead to Jnr Brown's Birthday Party

This Friday all roads lead to The Volt Nite Club in the capital city where the hiphop community and fans alike will converge to celebrate one of the industry's more illustrious names, the artist we have all come to know as Jnr Brown.
"Anything can happen man, it's a Jnr Brown birthday party after all", quipped the artist when asked about the upcoming bash.
The lineup of guests/artists for the event itself contains the 'who's who' when it comes to local hiphop, from the likes of Simba Tagz, Mc Chita, Tehn Diamond to Cal_Vin and Stunner, to mention but a few. There's even room on that list for dancehall's 'man of the moment' and 'Pamamonya Ipapo' hitmaker, Souljah Luv.
"I am going to be having my closest friends and favourite artists coming through to this party, so expect fireworks.
"I am all about hiphop and making sure that we are moving forward as a genre and I am definitely looking forward to seeing a few of those artists perform, the likes of Mic Pimp, GZW, BG and them type of cats", he said.

Asked what this special occasion meant to him, Brown said that it was nothing short of overwhelming.
"The fact that there is so many fans and artists coming through to this event and supporting in their very own special way is quite overwhelming. That's what keeps me going!
" I am more than honoured to be in this position that I am today, not only for me but for hiphop as well", said the Tongogara hitmaker.

Besides the bash, the hiphop stalwart promised more perfomances and more music this winter season and beyond that as well.
"There's gonna be more events, more visuals and more songs from now on. I will be dropping more singles and I got a couple of features that i did with my young cats so look out for that.
"I am back on the grind, you know what time it is, #BigBoyBusiness", he said.

Brown had of course taken a short 'hiatus' to address one or two personal issues.
"I had taken a break to sought out a few personal issues but now I am back and ready to take it to the next level.
"Even when I was on the sidelines, the demand for my music and the support from the fans never stopped, it was quite a humbling experience. I still got a lot more to say and bigger messages to spread, for me, it is and has always been about hiphop!", he said.

Looking at the bigger picture, Brown said that the future for local hiphop looked brighter and that it was only a matter of time before the artists started reaping the fruits of their labour.
"I feel like we growing and as time goes we are definitely going to be bigger than we are right now, no doubt.
"I am here to open doors for future generations, I am trying to pioneer this whole thing and make it bigger than it is right now. Even after im gone, I'd like to see artists bigger, if not better, than mysekf coming through and making sure our music never dies", he said.