'Amalgamated: The Dawn of Legends' breaks new ground

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Zimbabwe's first sci-fi thriller, “Amalgamated: The Dawn of Legends,” was successfully launched in the month of May at SterKinekor, Sam Levy. This film made history by ushering a new era in local cinematography and its launch was graced by several filmmakers, media personalities and different companies.
The launch was a success despite having been let down at the eleventh hour by some companies and individuals who had pledged their support. The turn up however was rich in the sense that we had people representing all walks of life from Zimbabwe and the international community. 
The film director Van Aj Klaus thanked the production partners and film fanatics who came in their numbers to the launch, despite minor setbacks.
“We want to express our gratitude to everyone who made it to the launch of the new film last Saturday, they are the ones who made it a success despite a few companies that we expected would come through letting us down. The support from the local industry was not bad as expected. 
 “Despite these the event went well and we actually had amazing support from a lot of people. Some even came on to take over the event management which was let down by people we trusted,” he said.
 “We had amazing guests present, that included Mr Kasalu of Techno Series from Zambia and Mr Kim of Sanaa industries from Korea and some from the local Media.
“Everyone appreciated the movie and they also appreciated the ground that we have started on to introduce this kind of movie making in Zimbabwe. There was a lot of support promised for our next project and judging from the support we received from the same people we were happy to hear that they are ready to work with us on the next one.
 “With the success of Amalgamated we are ready to start on a new project, Etherial which is a Gospel Fantasy Film that is in Pre-production as we speak. We are ready to create bigger and better stuff and take lessons from the Amalgamated endeavours,” said Van Aj Klaus.
The Amalgamated director went on to say the Zimbabwean film industry is on the verge of breakthrough and what is needed is to keep on pushing, believing in one another and believing in Zimbabwe.
Amalgamated is a fiction-fantasy story that revolves around an organisation called the CSIA that monitors parahumans, metahumans and extra-terrestrials or any other non-human beings on Earth. One day when they were recruiting a highly potential agent they found themselves in the middle of a dilemma; their agents started dying mysteriously only to later realise that it was Athromira, a being called a Dugaar exacting revenge on the CSIA because the founder of the CSIA was an army general in the spirit world who nearly wiped out the Dugaars.
Amalgamated The Dawn of Legends features prominent actors and actresses including Noel Sanderson, Caroline Yule, Stephane Thomas, Van Aj Klaus, Stewart Warwick, Roselyn Chakanyuka and Nancy Dzviti.