'Art Can Survive Anywhere' : Cde Fatso

Art, in whatever form, has the potential and power to overlap physiological and cultural boundaries.
It is in truth, a 'universal language'.
Zimbabwe's own Cde Fatso concurs and reckons that art is so powerful a tool, that it can survive anywhere. The reverred musician/poet/comedian was speaking to Urban Craft magazine in the aftermath of his recent tour of Palestine where he took part in that country's music expo.
"My recent tour of Palestine taught me that art can survive anywhere and is the glue that brings us all together irregardless of social, economic and/or cultural boundaries", said Cde Fatso.
"During my stay, I was involved in panel talks/discussions and the like but I also took the time out to spot talent, which surprisingly was in abundance.
"We saw some great Palestinian hiphop acts that we could, in years to come, bring on a tour of Southern Africa through our own platforms such as the Shoko Festival", he added.

The Palestinian Music Expo was indeed an eye-opener for him and the importance of these cultural exchanges is not lost on the hiphop artist/poet.
"The importance of these cultural exchanges cannot be underestimated. It inspires new creativity in us.
"We do infact benefit immensely from these exchanges and meetings. Through being part of and witnessing these amazing initiatives taking place all over the globe, we are able come back home with a whole new way of looking at things.
" We are able to develop our own arts industry based on the ideas that would have been shared and what we would have seen at cultural exchanges such as the Palestine Music Expo", said Cde Fatso, as he is affectionately known to his multitude of followers.

On a more personal note, the 'cde' described the tour as nothing short of inspirational!
"Not only did my stay in Palestine give me a new appreciation for protest poetry but it defied my own expections and seeing young Palestinian kids coming out in their thousands every single night in support of this initiative was very humbling.
"Being there to witness Palestinian bands playin hiphop and electronic music was indeed a surprise but a moment to savour as well", he said.

Cde fatso also went on to confirm that ZAMBEZI news season 4 was on its way and so was a much anticipated album packed with hiphop and spoken word.
A tour of Germany for the Zambezi team is also imminent and so are new events at #MotoRepublic to expect in the coming months.