Arts and Craft on showcase at Westridge Primary ‘Open Day’

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Arts and Crafts skills were on showcase at Westridge Primary School ‘Open Day’ last Friday and the event had a lot of activities on offer, from art exhibitions, music and sport.
The event also provided prospective parents and pupils the opportunity to go through Westridge Primary School departments of learning, they were able to visit classrooms.
The School has state of the art learning equipment which is rare for a primary school, from Smart touch teaching boards which have internet access in every class to well-constructed music and art studios.
Westridge Primary School headmaster Mr T. Kanjee said the school saw it necessary to have the Open Day as they want Zimbabweans to benefit from their many different early childhood learning facilities.
“We have realised that not many people really know about Westridge Primary School and what we really offer, they just see our exceptional students and do not know how we attain those results,” he said.
“We decided to open our doors to the public and invite the parents to see our facilities and what we offer so they make up their minds, obviously now the next enrolment will be 2018 so we needed to give parents a tour and help them make up their minds.
“We are entering an era where enrolment is becoming more difficult and not many people have a chance to come through at Westridge, its always busy with learning but we put this day aside, around this time parents with children in ECD will be looking at finding grade 1 places for their young ones. We do not require much for grade 1 enrolment, we just do a basic assessment towards the middle of this team. Some of the skills we test in the assessment are the listening and comprehension skills just to understand if the pupils will be able to do some tasks individually as opposed to what they do in the nursery,” added Mr Kanjee.

Westridge Primary School has over the years become popular and over-subscribed and this was evident to every one who showed up for the ‘Open Day'.
The event itself was flawless from start to finish, thanks to a well-planned programme and it gave the parents ample time and opportunity to talk to both staff and pupils. The pupils really enjoyed the event as they showed off their different skills and talents and it proved useful as the school also get the opportunity to collect information and feedback about how the school was performing.