'Believe and You Shall Receive' says Baphatsi Sihle Hadebe

                                 'Believe and You Shall Receive' says Baphatsi Sihle Hadebe

 She is a beautiful, free-spirited and a goal-oriented young woman who not only turns heads wherever she walks but is slowly but surely making her way up the ladder of success!
She is the current Miss Norvic South Africa and has even made a cameo on soapie, Generations: The Legacy.
Urban Craft gave the bubbly model from South Point a chance to tell her own story and below is what she had to say;

Full name: Baphatsi Sihle Hadebe
Age: 21
Occupation: Model/Actress/Presenter

My journey began in my first year at University, 2015. I had my first ever photoshoot as a model, promoting a clothing label. Growing up, I have always been passionate about Media and being in front of the camera. Modelling, in me, grew from that.

I have taken part in mostly South Point pageants thus far. I took part in Miss KSI last year. This year, I tried my luck again with Miss Norvic as I believed that I was more mentally prepared and experienced. I am the current Miss Norvic and a top 30 finalist for Mr and Miss South Point 2017.

I draw inspiration from what I'm passionate about. I motivate myself through that every day. My goals, what I want to achieve, where I want to be......that alone keeps me going. I also read and watch motivational talks for inspiration and motivation.

Growing up I realised that I was the kind of person who was not too shy as a performer. More than anything else, I'm a doer!
I'm the type of person who is not shy in front of an audience, instead, I engage and I am more than eager to explore my talents (I should mention that Media was my first love).
I discovered my strengths at a young age and I have since been working towards putting them to good use while doing what I truly love.

My goals for 2017 and beyond include: completing my studies, being crowned as Miss South Point and becoming the face of the brand, giving back more and lending a helping hand wherever I can, growing the initiative (Take a mate to Varsity) where my partners and I help high school learners with varsity, bursary and NSFAS applications.
Pursuing my modelling/acting career is also high up on that list and one of my long term goals is starting up a business of my own some day where I'll work with women because I am all for women empowerment in our society.

It has gone well for me so far, it seems the heavens have been smiling down of late. I have an agency from the SABC that I have been working with for some time. I have had studio shoots as an extra for Generations : The Legacy and I am hoping more will come. I have had a few auditions for TV presenting as well.

Winning Miss Norvic has been the most amazing experience and since then I have had so much support from friends and loved ones. It has taught me that believing in yourself and putting in hard work has it's rewards. Everyone from the South Point management, the finalists and people from my building make my reign all the more pleasant and amazing. It has been really great, and still is.