'Breakthrough Productions' Lights up HIFA

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Award winning dance company Breakthrough Productions last Sunday dazzled ballet fanatics at the Harare International Festival of the Arts HIFA with some well-crafted dance sets in a show dubbed “Where is the Love,” on the last day of the traditional six day festival at Reps Theatre.
It was a full house at Reps with complete silence and concentration from the audiences, the only sounds that came from the audiences were rounds of applause after each set of the different dances performed.
The highlights of the show were extraordinary dances by the kids, who are students at Breakthrough Productions their dances ‘Wowed’ the audiences and of Couse principal dancer Timikha Fisher’s ballet dances were on point.
The show was opened by the performance of “Alive” and “what’s going On,” this show addressed all the wars going on in the world. Some of the dance sets performed include “Lord of the dance - tap in the green” which was performed with the duet song “Like I’m going to lose you,” “Dear future husband” dances were by Fred and principal dancer Timikha Fisher. The song Gravity was also performed with two dancers, then came the duets on chairs, the song “Girl on asfire” again was performed by the ecstatic Timikha Fisher.
Michael Jackson’s “We are the world” was danced to in the acrobatics dance category with the children, the song “Waiting on the world to change” was performed by Minnie and Shaun, who were also the hosts of the show on the night. Some of the dances paraded are “Burlesque - dance in black and gold,” “ballet dance on pointe,” and the last song which performed by everyone is “Love never felt so good.”
Breakthrough productions founder and principal dancer Timikha Fisher said she was overwhelmed by the huge crowds that thronged the venue, and the show was about reminding people to always show each other love and empathy.
“The show was about everything happening in the world, we really need to remember to show love and empathy to one another and it will spread to those around them,” she said.
“I think the show went really well. We had a few wardrobe malfunctions and glitches in the show. But we would not have changed them. We had such a great time. And we were so humbled to have such a good turnout and feedback.
“This show was only made possible by the whole cast, which I am so proud of,” said Timikha Fisher.
Breakthrough Productions is a multi-cultural dance group founded by multi-award winner Timikha Fisher. She was the first Zimbabwean to be invited to the World Championships of Performing Arts hosted in Los Angeles, where she won a gold medal for tap, a silver medal for ballet and a bronze medal for jazz. Breakthrough uses all dance types and other forms to provide entertainment activities and all its dancers are trained in classical ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, ballroom, Latin and hip hop. Breakthrough Productions will be back again on May 20,  with two shows on the day at Reps Theater.