Celine B: A Peek At Life Through the Camera Lens

To some people, photography is more than just the art of taking pictures, it is a way of telling their own stories.....and local photographer/musician Celine B is one such individual.
"I was inspired by how a camera could capture a picture in a second, but what it had captured could last a lifetime, making a memory of a second, it made me realise that i really wanted to be the person behind a lifelong memory from just a split second", she said.
The beautiful photographer herself fell in love with photography at a very tender age and her passion flourished because of the support her family gave.
"My journey began at a very young age, i was probably about 9 at the time, my parents were supportive and they bought me my first camera. Everytime we would travel my dad would stop the car and allow me to snap at wildlife, the sunset, landscape and so on", said Celine.
Like anyone else who is pursuing a life-long passion, Celine is focussed, not only on being the best at it but also putting her country on the map.
"I want to add that 'mind-blowing' factor to my photography, so until i become the talk on the streets and have my name in the history books, I will still be at itit 24/7.
"My aim is to make people realise that photography is not just a hobby, but a vital part of our lives, we always need pictures, hence the invention and constant improvement of cameras.
"I would also like to be the best in my game, so im always researching and improving, in so doing im challenging the photographers around me, and soon enough i feel Zimbabwean photographers could actually be considered globally", she said.
Besides an exhibition scheduled for later this year, Celine is also putting together a photodocumentary on rural life in africa.
"I will be showing the different stories of selected families,cultures and living conditions. It is definitely going to be the documentary of the century!", she added.
Photography aside, Celine is also a gifted musician and promises that her music will send ripples through the industry when she breaks through.
"My family is musically gifted, so music is in me. My father loves jazz and contempary music and my mother is a goosebump giving singer that sparked the want and urge in me to want to always be singing or playing the piano and guitar,and leading the church choir. I then married a wonderful man who is also so into music and together we in a music group called Rhythm and Praise, we write our songs...and we're def about to shock Zim!", she said.
Asked if she had to choose between photography and music, this is what she had to say.
"I am definitely more passionate about photography, I believe a passion is something that you're willing to put everything on the line for and I am most certainly willing to do so for it", said Celine B, as she is affectionately known.