Choice Cuts modelling agency enlists Urban Craft as media partner

Choice Cuts Models is a startup company with a special mandate of not only improving but promoting the careers of upcoming and experienced models around the globe.
Based in Harare Zimbabwe, the company came to fruition because of the efforts of its 7members/fashion lovers with Cee Cee being its co-founder.
The team is so amazing, filled with love and a deep desire to see their models bringing a change to the fashion industry in Africa.
Choice Cuts is looking forward to signing partnership deals with 4 fashion companies and Urban Craft Magazine [media partner] by the end of this month, with City Ark being one of the Fashion companies on the list.
We are looking forward to providing adequate services for our models and talent seekers out there. We are interested in offering grooming and teaching services to our models (practically and theoretically) at an affordable cost. We would also want to in a position to help our clients develop press kits, including headshots and biographies.
Our marketing team is working on improving the marketing perimeters and thus we maintain a heavy presence online.
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We hope to have our own stable infrastructure in the 2 month period to come and we had a quite number of events during the past month, including 4 photoshoots , where we helped our talented models with posses and makeup.
We are delighted to have models with diverse talents and abilities which promotes our levels of versatility as any agency.The most enticing part of the agency is its members stability and spirit of 'one love'.
We work together as one and there is distribution of duties, letting everyone carry a part of responsibilities on our shoulders!!