DeMoyo Introduce 'Sip n' Shop' Concept

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
DeMoyo showroom recently introduced something different to the local nightlife, the "Sip n' Shop concept,"  this was a great platform for the working folks to unwind listening to good music and having top of the range wine and of course shopping. The event was held at DeMoyo Showroom in Avondale. It is a fact that when there is wine wallets tend to get loser and yes a lot of business happened almost all designer wear clothes were purchased that night.
This was also a platform for business people to interact and exchange contacts, the atmosphere was just extraordinary with the music playing in the background.

DeMoyo proprietor Paidemoyo Chideya Mazhandu said this event also presented a perfect opportunity for making genuine connections with her patrons and to harness talent.
“This platform created a conducive business and leisure environment and enabled established designers to meet with their patrons,” she said.
“DeMoyo has designed and created a platform that allows for talent to be harnessed, expressed, and nurtured. How do we do this? We create, we innovate, and we soar.
"We are clear that despite economic hardships, what we do have is our minds. As young Zimbabweans we stand on the shoulders of giants. We have capabilities beyond imagination where it comes to building our future as a nation.
“I have a deep responsibility to assist whoever I can in the realization of that potential. The Sip n Shop is the first of many exercises that will explore and develop Creative Potential in our country,” said Paidemoyo.
'DeMOYO' comes from the proprietor’s name “Paidemoyo,” which also means 'from the heart'. Paidemoyo has in the past worked for some of New York City’s iconic fashion houses, chief among them being Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, where she learnt to refine her eye for vintage, style, eloquence and demure.