I am hiphop apparel launch

'I Am Hiphop' apparel Launch, doing it 'the hiphop way'
Aldrian 'beefy' Harrison, through his Hiphop Classic store will on the20th of May be launching the 'I Am Hiphop' T-shirt line at HORIZON Bar & Restaurant in the City of Kings and QUEENS.

"I am hip hop stands for your identity. We are saying embrace who you are to push the culture dont be afraid to show who you are.
"It was a concept brought to life by myself adrian harrison with the help of tafadzwa nyandoro", he said.
Most people will be familiar with Harrison because of the Zimhiphop Awards, on whose board he sits as the chairman.

"Generally, I noticed that some artists hide behind others and are not vocal when certain issues are aired publicly. Some artists cannot defend a fellow hiphop artist on social media and some are doing multiple genres, from hiphop, dancehall to rnb. So we are saying embrace who you are.
"This is why we came up with the 'I Am Hiphop' concept in solidarity with the genre and its artists. Ir is a unique oppprtunity for us all to come together and be heard. More than anything else, we will get to push the culture through the brand, after all, hip hop is not just rap and dance, there are other elements too such as clothing", he added.

'Beefy', as he is affectionately known promised fans the mother-of-all shows and a 'true hiphop experience' at the launch, which he said would be full of entertainment, t-shirt give aways and a whole lot more!
"We are doing this the 'hiphop way', that's for sure. The day is not focused on one person, everyone will be a 'special guest'.
"We have the likes of dj tk beatz and dj rawse on the decks, they are some of the top djs in harare at the moment plus the event wil also be supported by team big family (TBF), arguably the fastest growing urban culture promoters.
"We have a line-up of artists coming through to showcase thier art as well, so there is a lot to look forward to", said Harrison.