'IMUNZI' project takes Shape

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
A University of Zimbabwe Medical Students Association ZIMSA led youth against Aids Campaign dubbed “IMUNZI” is making an impact in the country with their different initiatives to curb the pandemic and create an HIV free generation.
ZIMSA has partnered with IMCC, an association of Medical Students in Denmark, and United Children of Africa UNICA, an NGO Working in Victoria Falls to reduce Hiv prevalence. The initials of the three associations make up IMUNZI.
ZIMSA president Phill Tee Chigiya said this programme is a two year partnership aimed at educating Zimbabwean young people on HIV and Aids.
“IMUNZI is a two year partnership which was signed in December 2016, the aim is to decrease HIV prevalence in MAT North and in HRE, BYO and Gweru,” he said.
“An application was made by IMCC to get funding from The Danish Youth Council.
Delegates from ZIMSA go to Vic falls to conduct boot camps with youth ambassadors from UNICA. The youth ambassadors go around the local communities teaching about HIV.
“In Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru our Medical students carry out the IMUNZI youth against Aids sessions in High Schools where they teach about HIV.
“We have held one boot camp so far in Vic which was a huge success. In Harare we have had two IMUNZI youth against aids sessions, in Bulawayo and Gweru. Recently each of the three partners sent 2 delegates to Denmark to get a leadership training course from the Danish Youth Council. They spent four weeks there. Now they are back and working on the project for the next 10 weeks. They have been holding workshops and HIV sessions,” said Chigiya.
The initiative is expected to cover over 25 high schools by year end, they will also host sports tournaments in Vic Falls and a lot of platforms to engage the young people where they will combine fun and learning at the same time.